Musical Playground Created
In Regenerated Old City Park, Poland

Client: City Of Bydgoszcz, Poland Location: Jan Kochanowski Park

Sounds of spontaneous musical creativity can be heard in the newly renovated Jan Kochanowski Park. A year-long rejuvenation project for the park, designed to highlight its historical character and relationship with music, has concluded with Percussion Play Distributor Educarium installing a large collection of permanent outdoor musical instruments for children and visitors to enjoy daily.

Designed in the style of an English Landscape the Jan Kochanowski Park is a city park in one of the most charming and quietest corners of Bydgoszcz, Poland, known as the ‘Music District’. Full of statues of eminent composers, the park is surrounded on all sides by great architecture, and buildings housing institutions of culture, music schools, universities and the Polish Theatre. The new music park provides a place to stroll, unwind and create music on the weather resistant outdoor musical instruments which include;

Akadinda – Large Wooden Outdoor Xylophone

Emperor Chimes – Giant Outdoor Aluminium Chimes

Babel Drums – Stainless Steel Tongue Drums Duo – Outdoor Xylophone for up to four players

Freechimes – Playground Chimes

Rainbow Samba – Popular Playground Drums

Congas – Colourful Outdoor Drum Sets

Tembos – Outdoor Aerophones (Boom Tubes)

"It's really very smart. I like most of all these games for children. You can see that this area is musical" says one of the inhabitants of Bydgoszcz.

These permanent outdoor musical instruments are accessible to would-be musicians of any age and require no previous musical skills or knowledge to enjoy. Perfect for the local community to make music together.