Musical Street Sculptures Installed Outside City Music Centre

Tel Aviv Music Centre install musical instruments to encourage staff, visitors and pupils to get creative! Location: Tel Aviv Music Centre, Israel

Established in the early 1960's the Tel Aviv - Yafo Music Centre is the home for music lovers and young musicians growing up in Tel Aviv. A central force in musical education, the centre runs music theory classes, workshops and courses. Their goal is to teach and nurture youngsters and tooling them to become the future generation of creative musicians, composers, performers and concert goers. Outdoor musical instruments were installed on the approach to the centre. Now visitors, staff and pupils can stop on the way in or out of the centre and play on:

Congas – Outdoor Drum Set

Emperor Chimes – Outdoor Musical Chimes

Wall Marimba – Wall Mounted Outdoor Xylophone

Babel Drum – Outdoor Tongue Drum

Tembos – Plosive Aerophones

You can hear the sounds of Tel Aviv and the talents of the centre's visitors simply by strolling down the street outside the centre.