Musical Healing for PTSD: New White Paper!

Alongside our new Case Studies and Knowledge Base materials, we have also been putting our researcher heads on to prepare another free Open Access White Paper for you all to get your teeth into. The paper looks at PTSD, the role of music therapies, and how what we do at Percussion Play slots into all of that.

Our latest White Paper is entitled 'Music as Medicine: Combating PTSD with Music & Music Therapy', and it explores the relationship between music, music therapies and the treatment of PTSD in children, veterans and others living in the wake of other traumatic events or experiences. It uses lots of published studies and a combination of empirical and theoretical data to look at how treating PTSD can be and has been successfully aided by playing music and particularly by different musical therapies!

We use studies conducted all over the world, looking at the effects of music on different types of trauma and in different age groups or therapy set-ups. Mainly, we observe how music is creating a sense of voice, connection and agency for those who have experienced voicelessness and silencing in the face of trauma, and how it can therefore allow PTSD sufferers to engage with the healing process, with understanding and communicating their trauma, and with the future management of their condition and symptoms.

In our White Papers, we aim – in part – to translate more typically complex academic studies into accessible, interesting, readable and relatable content, so that you can all benefit from understanding the proven importance of playing music in all walks of life. We use all of this information to hopefully give you some insight into how music has been proven to help and to heal, and therefore to understand why what we do here at Percussion Play, coming up with creative musical solutions to the situations and problems we encounter every day, is so important.

All of our White Papers are also downloadable as PDFs via the Download buttons attached to each White Paper here.

We hope you enjoy the new piece!