North Mankato Taylor Library uses Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund to Create Music Garden

The North Mankato Taylor Library is a Public library located in the city of North Mankato, Minnesota, and serves a population of approx. 55,000 residents. The Library offers popular events for all ages, in addition to its books, magazines, and reference material, and can now include music-making within its interactive programming thanks to an Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund grant. The library proudly opened its new musical garden, located outside the library, complete with Rainbow Sambas, Rainbow Cavatina and Duo xylophone

“We are grateful to the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund for the grant that made this project possible,” says Katie Heintz, Library Director for the City of North Mankato. “I would also like to thank City staff for installing the equipment. We are excited to bring this fun, bright addition to North Mankato for residents to enjoy.”

Interactive children’s programming with outdoor musical instruments is planned to take place once the Taylor Library opens and resumes programming.

Outdoor musical instruments are a wonderful way to increase the cultural capacity and community profile of libraries and encourage new patrons and visitors to join, especially young people and families. Recognizing the benefits that music has on early literacy development, creating a music and reading garden can help libraries extend their programming to include music-making for young children. Opportunities for playing with sound and rhythm outdoors helps promote language acquisition, listening skills, memory, and motor skills. For more information see our catalog Music and Reading Gardens for Libraries

For the wider community, outdoor music gardens are fun, outdoor spaces that encourage interactions, break-down barriers, and help people connect through music. If this concept is of interest to you, why not read out white paper Come One, Come All: The Benefits of Music-Making Within the Community