Music Making In Playground Hits All The Right Notes
For Primary School Students

Music Playground Equipment Perfect For Playtime, Lessons And Class Performances
Client: Neot Ilana Primary School
Location: Rosh Haayin

The children from primary school Neot Ilana in Rosh Haayin can now enjoy the fun of making music together in their school playground. Perfect for both playtime or for use during school lessons and class performances the musical playground was designed by Kesem Yarok Music Gardens.

Kesem Yarok installed a Percussion Play Duo Xylophone which can be enjoyed by up to four children at any time, making it useful for encouraging co-operation and teamwork as well as producing some wonderful sounds! Additionally, three pairs of colorful Conga Drums were installed to raise the energy levels and allow the children to create rhythms and beats in a fun, interactive, and hands-on way. Striking the drum with the palm of their hands, these drums present opportunities for classmates to come together to share their rhythmic ideas and make some wonderful music in the moment.

Congas Trio – Colourful Outdoor Conga Drums

Duo – School Playground Xylophones

Outdoor Musical Instruments installed in groups encourage group music-making, building a harmonious cooperative spirit of support and encouragement for everyone.