Penta Post

C Major Pentatonic

The Penta Post is a cluster of five rainbow coloured chimes attached to a single stainless steel post and makes a perfect music 'stop' for pre-schools and early years settings.

The latest addition to our rainbow range compliments the Rainbow Trio Ensemble all of which are tuned to the pentatonic scale, the wellspring of all music.

Product Highlights

  • Small & Compact - great for little hands
  • Beaters help develop hand strength and dexterity
  • Pentatonic Tuning - No Wrong Notes!
  • Suitable for Inclusive Play Settings
  • Encourages creativity
  • Colourful design, easy fixing and great sound

Made to order in 4-6 weeks.

Ground Install
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Shipping $78.40
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Surface Mounted
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Shipping $92.00
Total $1,242.00
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