Sun, Sea, and Sound! Seaside Leisure Park
Boasts New Outdoor Musical Trail Overlooking the Med

Leisure park complex in Ashdod create musical trail for visitors to enjoy after a day on the beach Client: Municipality Of Ashdod Location: Park Ashdod Yam, Ashdod, Israel

The newly developed 50-acre entertainment and leisure park ‘Park Ashdod’ now boasts a brand-new musical trail installed by Percussion Play's Partner 'Kesem Yarok'.

Looking out over the Mediterranean Sea, the music trail includes eight, weather resistant instruments laid out in a linear style, gently leading visitors from one musical instrument to another, welcoming young and old to engage and to play them. The music trail consists of:

Rainbow Sambas – Colourful Outdoor Drums

Emperor Chimes – Big Outdoor Chimes

Babel Drums – Stainless Steel Tongue Drums

Duo – Outdoor Xylophones

Together with its beauty the sea brings with it one of the most hostile environments to building materials that exists and the instruments were carefully selected to ensure they would withstand the salty seaside environment.

The park has been designed for the whole family and includes a boating lake, a giant amphitheatre, sports courts, roller-blading park, and sculpture garden. Now visitors and would-be musicians of any age can enjoy the fun of making music together completing a day at the beach with a bath of sound!