Families Invited to Make Music in Rosita’s Harmony Hills in Sesame Place Seaworld, San Diego

Sesame Place San Diego is SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment’s newest theme park and is the only theme park on the West Coast based entirely on the iconic show Sesame Street.

Sesame Place is the newest theme park to open in California and the second theme park of its kind in the United States, and the perfect getaway for families and kids of all ages. The theme park is full of immersive experiences and offers guests a chance to use their imagination and practice their musical skills on various chimes and bells. During a day at the park, guests can spend time at Rosita’s Harmony Hills, a soft play area for younger guests which includes Percussion Play’s outdoor musical instruments. Children can climb, crawl, and create beautiful music while playing on rolling green hillsides.

The ability to play together… Rosita’s Harmony Hills is a brightly colored, soft play area where kids can try different tune combinations and make music on various percussion instruments. The site was designed as an interactive play experience where children can explore and enjoy the harmonious musical instruments while also serving as a place to relax between soaring and spinning on rides and splishing and splashing on water slides.

Clint Brinker, Senior Project Manager at SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment, says the idea to use Percussion Play instruments was perfect for independent play.

Clint says, “We wanted to create an area where children can explore independently – and most importantly, we wanted the experience to have an educational component. Music was a natural direction because everyone loves music! We have two complimentary play areas in Rosita’s Harmony Hills – the lower garden area for the smaller children and the upper area for big kids and the whole family. We incorporated musical instruments in both areas.”

Percussion Play’s instruments were a great choice because of the selection of both traditional-looking instruments and garden-themed instruments, which helped create a beautiful space for everyone to explore and enjoy. Musical instruments were chosen particularly because Sesame Street’s Rosita loves to play guitar and create music with her Sesame Street friends.

Fun Fact: The Calypso Chimes at Rosita’s Harmony Hills include the nine notes needed to play the beloved Sunny Days theme song from Sesame Street.