Special Needs School Use
Outdoor Musical Instruments For OT And Playtime

Medina House Community Special School Sensory Playground Isle Of Wight, UK

Medina House is a Community Special School located on the Isle of Wight (UK) catering for pupils with complex learning difficulties with 40% diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorders (ASD) or have further associated needs. There is a significant number with sensory processing difficulties as well as pupils with multi-sensory impairments of vision and hearing.

Medina House has many specialist facilities, including a a soft-play room, swimming pool and spacious gym. However, a huge fundraising campaign was undertaken, wwhich included both parents and staff partaking in a sponsored abseil down the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth, to allow the school to make enhancements to their outdoor provision. This includes the addition of outdoor musical instruments from Percussion Play to the main playground, early years and PMLD class outdoor areas.

We asked Rachel Hayden, the Creative Arts Coordinator at Medina House why they chose our outdoor musical instruments and the impact they have had on staff and pupils since they’ve been installed. This is what she had to say:

We’re very happy with the outdoor musical instruments we have here at Medina House. Staff working with our pupils with more complex physical needs have reported that the instruments have been great motivators during physio and OT work, encouraging pupils to stand for longer periods of time, or stand and use their physical skills independently.

They’ve also reported how great it is for the pupils to have independent access to the instruments to develop their play and offer more creative activities and alternative opportunities when they are out on the playground. They’ve been useful in helping to improve inter-class communication and social skills at playtime.

Percussion Play were very helpful and accommodating to our needs and it was great to have the instruments brought direct to us for the pupils to try out and make their selection. The instruments arrived on time, were well packaged and with very clear installation instructions. The finished instruments are attractive with a great sound quality. We would be happy to recommend them.

Tubular Bells – Tall Outdoor Sound Sculptures

Babel Drums – Outdoor Stainless Steel Tongue Drums

Rainbow Sambas – Colourful Outdoor Drums