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Stepping Stones - Set of 6

Available as a Set of 6 or individually in the following chords: C Major (Red) | F Major (Green) | G Major (Blue) | D Minor (Orange) | E Minor (Yellow) | A Minor (Indigo)

Stepping Stones offer a unique way to add some musical entertainment to a dynamic walkway, public plaza, sensory path, cycleway, or play area. They deliver a multi-sensory experience for pedestrians, surprising them and grabbing their attention while adding an element of fun to public spaces.

Each of the six square Stepping Stones secretly hides a musical chord beneath it, which is easily activated by a step, jump, push, or wheel across its top. Stepping Stones use the same technology as our Floor Pianos but with each ‘note’ hiding an uplifting major or minor triad chord of three bells. Players can have fun discovering each bell by stepping on different spots – or jumping with both feet to play the chord. Each ‘bell’ - when struck - emits a pure tone with a long sustain, and the sound intensifies the harder you jump!

Available as standard, covered in a durable non-slip anti-corrosion coating, colored to match our rainbow scale. Stepping Stones can also be purchased on request without the coating to allow for other surfaces that match the surrounding area to cover and 'hide' the instrument - adding an element of surprise when activated!

NB Stepping Stones are not suitable for installation with loose surfaces such as engineered wood fiber.

There are six Stepping Stones available in six chords - each with its own distinct sound - select from the 'Options Available' drop-down list to hear each chord.

Options Available:

Made to order in 6-8 Weeks.

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