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Temple Block Tree

Unpitched Percussion

Introducing the Temple Block Tree, a musical instrument inspired by the Muyu or slit drum from eastern Asia. With its resonant, durable reinforced polymer blocks in a natural stone color and polished stainless steel leg, this instrument produces a unique, hollow tone that will add a fun and dynamic sound to your compositions.

Each block produces a satisfying 'pop' sound when struck with the included mallets. Players can hit the blocks' top surface or rims to make a hollow yet bright, penetrating sound. As an idiophone, the sound is produced by the instrument's vibration, with each block's internal space functioning as a resonating chamber.

The Temple Block Tree features a 'branch' configuration of two sets of five blocks graduating in size, with the largest block producing the lowest sound and the smallest block having the highest sound. Its inspired-by-nature design makes it the perfect addition to your musical ensembles or a tremendous stand-alone interactive piece.

Experience the unique and resonant sound of the Temple Block Tree and elevate your musical compositions to the next level.

Made to order in 4-6 Weeks.

Ground Install
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Total $3,158.40
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MSRP $3,035.00
Shipping $364.20
Total $3,399.20
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