Music as Medicine: Combating PTSD With Music and Music Therapy

To mark Veterans Day, our White Paper explores how music and music therapy are being employed to facilitate healing, in particular, how veterans are finding relief from the symptoms of PTSD through music.

Posttraumatic stress disorder, more commonly known as PTSD, can change a person’s life for the worse and is a serious condition that afflicts many people all over the world. Treatments range from psychotherapy to medication. However, music and music therapy are showing great promise in relieving the effects of PTSD. Numerous organizations, most notably groups that help war veterans and other military personnel, are discovering that music can be a powerful tool in relieving the effects of this crippling disorder.

Clinical studies can vouch for the health benefits of music therapy programs, and the beauty of music therapy is that it helps people in physical, mental, emotional, and social ways.