Video-Based Learning: Become a Percussion Play Pro

Percussion Play is to launch a series of instructional videos and video-based learning courses for partners and resellers shortly. A series of short, engaging, and informal training videos dedicated to increasing your knowledge of our products and arming you with the tools you need to become a Percussion Play Pro and Music Made for the Great Outdoors expert.

With a portfolio of around 50 outdoor musical instruments, becoming a Percussion Play Pro may seem a daunting challenge. However, developing insight and knowledge about our instruments will allow you to confidently deliver the best musical products to your customers every time and help you create some truly inspiring outdoor musical spaces. Our presenters will gently guide you step by step through each instrument, and before long, you’ll have a symphony of knowledge, including; why does the Babel Drum have a hole in its bottom? Why do we have different colored beaters for some instruments, and what is the rainbow scale?

Learning through video-based courses is convenient and effective. Firstly, you’ll remember much more information and retain it far longer than if you were simply reading a website or app. Secondly, it’ll take you much less time — a couple of clicks and you’ll be viewing the lesson no matter where you are — at work, at home, or traveling. Watching a video lesson helps you spend less time learning the material and keep it in memory longer.

In each video, we will clearly state the benefits of each instrument, the intended age range, or the best situation in which to use the instrument. If necessary, the presenter will show you how to create the best sound from the instrument through demonstration as well as offering technical support and some useful sales hints or tips.

The series kicks off with the Mystery of Mallets. Over the last 10 years, we have continuously developed our range of mallets to meet market demands and provide the best quality products available. Our current range provides our most robust, vandal-resistant design to date, which has been proven to withstand the wear and tear of a busy outdoor music park or playground. Kate will tell you more about the clever design, why we have mallets in different sizes and colors, how to replace a mallet if required, and which instruments don't require mallets at all.