Garland Filled Blue Mountain Village includes Outdoor Musical Instruments along its Spectacular Lights Trail

Blue Mountain, Ontario's largest alpine ski village resort, is located in the Pocono Mountains and has evolved into a true four-season destination, continually ranking among the top family-friendly resorts in Canada.

Since November, the village has been wrapped up in garlands and bows and illuminated with the sights and sounds of the holidays. Families can go for a nostalgic stroll along charming cobblestone streets and through all the sights and sounds of the season.

By day the Village sparkles with festive décor, holiday music, and fires to warm by. Visitors can enjoy enchanting moments while they shop, dine and celebrate the magic of the season.

Later on, starting at dusk, visitors are invited to follow a spectacular one-kilometer ‘Holiday Light Trail’ that shimmers and sparkles through the Village and around the Mill Pond to discover enchanting light displays, some of which are interactive - and musical!

To add a musical dimension to the trail, the organizers have installed a Rainbow Metallophone and Penta Post to cue the lights on a series of Christmas trees.

At the ‘Dream Tree’ (a large light structure shaped as a Christmas tree) the Rainbow Metallophone has been mounted in front of an information board that instructs players to hit the notes on the metallophone to ‘be the maestro of the Christmas tree lights with your songs, sounds, and wishes!’.

Similar to our Music Books, players are shown the correct colored notes to strike to play a recognizable tune – in this case, Jingle Bells and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer - the lights on the tree, in turn, respond by changing color, making for both a visual and audible showcase!

Over in the ‘Singing Forest’ stands our rainbow-colored Penta Post. By slowly playing the chimes, passers-by are able to influence the colors of the lights on a series of pretty Christmas trees in front of them, adding a little musical magic to the festive display.

On weekends, visitors can enjoy live holiday music, street performers, warming stations, and a horse-drawn carriage with Santa roaming the Village. The trail is open until January, however, it is the intention of the organizers to leave the instruments in place to be enjoyed year-round.