Family-Friendly Shopping Precinct - Darwin, Australia

Big changes for Casuarina Shopping Centre

Casuarina Square in Darwin, Australia is a shopping centre with a difference. The $34 million newly developed precinct, dubbed 'The Quarter', offers a dining and entertainment space aimed at families. With numerous restaurants, the space hosts a very entertaining outdoor playground, water play and civic space surrounded by large scale landscaping.

The outdoor play area features a tunnel, slides, climbing wall, sensory activities and of course, outdoor musical instruments on which children and families can create their own sounds or join up with their friends to make music together.

Casuarina’s new entertainment precinct was a hit the minute doors opened.

Casuarina Square centre manager Mardi Ashkine said it was a long time in the making and a great way to revitalise the centre as a hub in the northern suburbs.

“There’s nothing like this in Darwin,” she said.

“The beauty is you can come out and have a meal, the kids can play, you can go to the cinema or time zone — it really is something for the whole family.”

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