Melodies on the Beach: Falcon Bay’s Playground Gets a Musical Upgrade!

Active Discovery's latest project has brought Percussion Play instruments to Falcon Bay, giving the beach a melody upgrade. This beautiful 500-meter-long beach is located on Spinaway Parade in Falcon, a southern suburb of Mandurah in Western Australia. The project aims to create a harmonious musical ensemble in a breathtaking beach setting for the City of Mandurah.

Visitors can now enjoy the rhythmic patterns created by the Penta Post, the sparkling sounds of the Rainbow Chimes, and the resonating notes of the Harmony Bells, adding a touch of magic to the play area.

The goal of this project was to elevate the existing play area into a haven of creativity and exploration, where the fusion of nature's beauty and the magic of music can inspire all ages. Imagine the laughter of children, the rustle of palm trees, and the musical notes blending seamlessly to create a sensory symphony.

Falcon Bay has been transformed into a place where every step is a dance, and every beat is an invitation to play. The playground's transformation has not only added a touch of magic but also offers an opportunity for visitors to create their own music and enjoy the beauty of nature. Whether you are a beach lover or a music enthusiast, Falcon Bay's playground is now a melody waiting to be explored!

About Active Discovery

Active Discovery is a company that provides a wide range of play and sports equipment to landscape architects and councils in Western Australia. They also offer safety surfacing installation, design, and construction services. The core products they offer are highly durable and have unique designs that encourage children's physical, mental and social development.

Active Discovery ensures that all playspaces are designed to meet the specific needs of users by consulting with professionals such as landscape architects, occupational therapists, teachers of early childhood and special needs children, childcare providers, and community services personnel.