Outdoor Musical Instruments Used to Create a Positive Legacy and Promote Healing after Tragedy

Percussion Play was the primary supplier of the outdoor musical instruments recently installed in the newly opened Quinterra Legacy Garden – a wonderful new interactive musical garden and performance space located in a highly visited area of South Glenmore Park, Calgary, Canada.

Overlooking the Glenmore Reservoir, this beautiful tree-lined open space serves as Calgary’s first fully dedicated music garden and performance space, and was built to honor and celebrate five young Albertan adults killed as they were celebrating the end of the school year at a party in the community of Brentwood on April 15, 2014.

The families and friends of the five young people lost wanted to create a positive legacy for the future and give back to the community that was so supportive of them. They have successfully created an inclusive space that will inspire playful creativity and the appreciation of music, theatre, and the arts while also serving as a place for, reflection, and contemplation for visitors and residents of the City of Calgary.

The diverse collection of outdoor musical instruments is all set up along an accessible cement pathway and complimented by natural features and log seating for viewing and climbing. The hardy outdoor instruments are fun and creative and intended for all musical abilities and ages and include Harmony Bells Musical Flowers, Rainbow Sambas outdoor drums, huge Colossus Chimes, Handpipes, tall Tembos aerophones, a Cajon Drum Circle, Babel (tongue) drums, and several different outdoor xylophones. The majority of the instruments are made from marine grade stainless steel and all are designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor use and extreme weather.

Whether you are just exploring sound or creating a musical wonder, the garden invites you in to play, explore, and create. Music crosses all boundaries regardless of age, race, and religion. Music is an instrument that brings us all together. Music, with its intrinsic rhythms, provides happiness and healing energy. The Quinterra Legacy Garden will provide a beautiful and unique place for people of all ages to come together to make use of the musical instruments and play elements as well as the stage for programming of music, dance, theatre, spoken word, yoga, meditation, healing circles and much more.

"There can be light beyond loss"

This welcoming space reflects hope, possibility, creativity, and the life-affirming qualities that each of the five young adults lost embodied. Music is a celebration of life, full of positivity and sunshine, and music in the great outdoors can bring harmony and light into the lives of others. This musical legacy garden will help families and friends create new memories, and fondly remember those who have been lost in a unique and joyful way.

Music Memorials

Outdoor musical memorials can vary in size, style, and tone just as widely as the unique personalities of the individuals being memorialized. They are wonderful for honoring someone who loved music, who loved the outdoors, or for anyone with an adventurous spirit. The Percussion Play team is ready to help you create an outdoor musical community space in someone's memory, call us if you would like to know more.

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