The Healing Power of Music : Musical Memorial Gardens and Tributes for Loved Ones

The Song Is Ended (But The Melody Lingers On)

Commissioning a memorial to celebrate the life of those we have lost can be a difficult but rewarding task.

When we lose a loved one, we may find comfort in creating a lasting and meaningful way to remember them. Choosing the right way to honor and celebrate someone's life or work can be incredibly healing for those who are grieving, as it allows them to create something beautiful to honor their memory. Creating a meaningful memorial is a validation of the love and grief that we feel, and it can be an empowering act of healing and a way of channeling our energy. It is a powerful experience to reflect on our loved one's life and determine what it is that we want to remember and honor about them through their memorial. This can be done by individuals, families, or communities.

We have had the privilege of working with amazing families and organizations, all of whom wanted to commemorate the memories of their loved ones in a unique and joyful way. Music is a celebration of life, brimming with positivity and light, and creating an outdoor music memorial can bring harmony and brightness into the lives of others. It can help convey emotions and sentiments that may be difficult to express in words.

One of the biggest fears people have after the death of a loved one is that the person will be forgotten. This is even more acute when the person who died has lived a short life, and choosing a suitable memorial to commemorate a young life can be particularly difficult. A musical instrument or musical space for the community to enjoy in the park or school playground could be the perfect way to celebrate the life of a friend, brother, or sister who has left this world far sooner than expected or imagined. Outdoor musical instruments promote creativity and bring people together. They also encourage physical activity and put smiles on people's faces.

Time spent outdoors in a beautiful space can provide solace and comfort to those who are grieving the loss of a loved one. A memorial music garden can serve as a healing place for contemplation, offering a peaceful, calming atmosphere where families can sit and reflect. Musical instruments can provide a non-threatening outlet for emotional expression. Sensory gardens are a much-loved feature with residents, families, nursing homes, and senior center staff as they offer a chance to engage the senses and enjoy nature. The gift of an outdoor musical instrument, such as outdoor chimes or an outdoor xylophone, would add visual appeal, create a wonderful sound, and encourage a little gentle exercise for residents to enjoy in the sunshine. It would also be something different for visiting children to explore and have fun with while outdoors.

We can assist you whether you have a general idea or a more specific plan for the kind of memorial you want. Families and organizations that we have worked with have chosen a variety of options such as a single outdoor drum or xylophone, or a complete music garden or playground, to remember their loved ones. We believe in a collaborative process that helps us create fitting tributes which reflect the unique qualities of the person who has passed away.

Here are a few examples of music memorials that are created to honor the memory of exceptional individuals. These examples may inspire you to initiate or participate in a memorial project that is dedicated to a person who left an unforgettable mark. Some of these memorials are large-scale, while others are smaller; however, each one is created with the love and support of a community. In all of these memorial projects, the focus is on celebrating the life of the individual being honored.

Musical Memorial for Legendary Percussionist Strikes a Chord, New London, Connecticut
Hospital's New Memorial Music Garden Offers a Restful Intergenerational Gathering Space for Patients, Residents and Staff
Gavin's Memorial Garden Brings Music and Joy to Local Neighborhood, Conshohocken, Pennsylvania
Music-Making and Healing Can Begin as Quinterra Legacy Garden Opens in Calgary Park
St. Feriole Island Memorial Gardens in Wisconsin Bring Music and Nature Together
Bringing Music to Calums Cabin in Memory of a Fantastic Advocate and Supporter
Babel Drum Tribute in Memory of Former Clerk-Treasurer in La Porte, Indiana
Musical Sensory Garden Celebrates Special Pupil Henry

An excellent way to remember a loved one within the community is to donate an outdoor musical instrument as a remembrance gift to a special place they cherished or to a local school, church, woodland, or park. Percussion Play offers custom engraving on the instrument wherever possible at no extra charge. However, if there is limited space on the instrument itself, a memorial plaque can be attached or placed next to the instrument to engrave a personal inscription that reflects the loved one's life.

Memorial musical instruments come in a variety of sizes, styles, and tones, just as diverse as the unique personalities of the individuals being commemorated. They are an excellent way to pay tribute to someone who had a passion for music, the outdoors, or anyone with an adventurous spirit.

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