Lights, Camera, Bloom!

We're delighted to share with you our brand new Harmony Flowers video. Set in an early years environment, we think it encapsulates this bright and cheerful instrument. You'll see six children experimenting with sound, working as a team to create music, and having great fun on the two 'posies.'

Harmony Flowers will enchant the whole family. These super-sized flowers will add a welcome splash of color to any outdoor space, from kindergartens to public gardens and parks, from family-friendly attractions to sensory gardens and inclusive playgrounds.

We all understand something better if we can simultaneously perceive it with our ears and eyes. With this in mind, Percussion Play has created several new product videos we will share with you via email over the next few days/weeks, so keep an eye on your inbox!

We would love for you to utilize these videos to present them to your customers. Giving your viewers this short view of the instruments can be a nice visual companion to your website's landing page or product description page. Plus, the videos can be shared on social media and in your blog posts or presentations.

All of our videos are available to download by our registered resellers via our Google Drive or Vimeo. The videos can also be viewed on our website, YouTube Channel or CAD Details

New videos heading your way will be for , Harmony Bells, our Rainbow Trio Ensemble, Rainbow Bongos, Rainbow Metallophone, Rainbow Chimes and Penta Post as well as new improved videos for the Tumbadoras and Djembes drums.

We hope you enjoy them and find them helpful when discussing outdoor musical instruments with your customers.