Innovative Musical Garden Beats in the Heart of Palaiometocho Village, Cyprus

  • Location: Palaiometocho Village, Cyprus
  • Realization: October 2023
  • Products by: Percussion Play
  • Architect: Rena Kattou
  • Curators: Elite Areas
  • Funded by: Deputy Ministry of Tourism, Cyprus

Palaiometocho is a village in the Nicosia District of Cyprus, located about 20km southwest of the capital city. The village has a population of around 4,500 inhabitants.

The Palaiometocho Community Council installed eight outdoor musical instruments provided by Elite Areas as part of the renovation of the community park. The instruments include a bouquet of Harmony Flowers, a Sansa Rimba xylophone, a Rainbow Cavatina, the contemporary Bell Lyre, Rainbow Bongos, Soprano Diatonic Freechimes, and Handpipes aerophone.

This project was funded through the "Grant Scheme for the Revitalization of Rural, Mountainous and Remote Areas through the Creation of Authentic Experiences to Enrich and Upgrade the Tourism Product" program of the Deputy Ministry of Tourism. It is a benchmark in Cyprus and stands out as a pioneering project, being the only music park on the entire island. The local community and surrounding areas have embraced this new project, with people of all ages, including children, parents, and seniors, enjoying playing the instruments and filling the air with beautiful tunes. The community park has come to life and is now buzzing with activity every day. One of the community's plans is to host an outdoor concert.

Andreas Kyprianou, President of Palaiometocho Community Council, said, "The acquisition of the music park has significantly improved the quality of life for residents of our community. This innovative music garden provides a relaxing and recreational space that people of all ages can enjoy. It's a great place to spend a morning or afternoon listening to music and unwinding in the village park. Furthermore, it's an excellent entertainment option that promotes creativity and socialization among all population groups, including children, older adults, and people with special needs. We are pleased to see that the music garden in Palaiometocho has become a center of attraction for both the residents of our community and visitors from other areas."