New Musical Garden in Memory of Guy

A very special musical memorial garden has been created in Kibbutz Magal, (North) Israel.

In memory of their beloved son who passed away when he was only 6 years of age, Guy's dedicated parents initiated a project to design and build a wonderful inclusive playground for all children, families, and friends who live or visit the Kibbutz to play and enjoy. Guy loved to play outdoors with his friends and also had a passion for music and so it was a natural decision that the playground should predominantly feature outdoor musical instruments. Following consultation with Percussion Play's representative in Israel, Kesem Yarok, and a successful fundraising effort, work began to design, build and landscape, 'Guys' Music Garden', which opened earlier this month.

The garden includes outdoor drums - both Cajons and bespoke colored Congas - a set of Handpipes, a Rainbow Cavatina xylophone complete with an outdoor music book, and finally, forming the musical heart of the garden, a very special 'Bell Lyre' that has Guys' name engraved on it. All of the instruments are easily accessible to ensure the playground is inclusive and open to all, regardless of ability.

The Healing Power of Music
Finding a lasting and meaningful way to remember a loved one can bring comfort at a time of loss. We have worked with many wonderful families and organizations each determined that the memory of their loved ones should be remembered in a unique and joyful way. Music is a celebration of life, full of positivity and sunshine, and a music memorial in the great outdoors can bring harmony and light into the lives of others. Read More

About Percussion Play Israel - Kesem Yarok
Percussion Play Israel - Kesem Yarok specializes in creating outdoor music gardens and play spaces that target all of the senses. They offer a holistic approach and understand the connections between nature, music, and community. They design play spaces in a variety of locations that beautify the landscape, engage the senses, and offer therapeutic music-making activities.