Thousands of organisations have come to us wanting our help to bring music and harmony to their parks and playgrounds, schools, nursing homes, hospitals, hospices, museums and family-attractions and many other different settings.

We strongly believe in extending play beyond the traditional, making play inclusive and the positivity of multi-generational interaction. Music has a great power for bringing people together and including musical instruments in a park, playground or trail makes music-making irresistible for people of all cultures, ages and ability.

Read their reviews of Percussion Play to learn how great outdoor musical instruments have enhanced their outside spaces.

Percussion Play

Olly Lowery - Registered Music Therapist Raukatauri Music Therapy Centre Starship Childrens Hospital - Auckland New Zealand

I have found the Percussion Play xylophone and drums to be great instruments for use in music therapy at starship children’s hospital. They are durable and weatherproof which means I have been able to use them both inside and outside, and they are easy to wipe down. The pentatonic xylophone has a lovely tone and allows the children to engage in shared music-making without playing any ‘wrong notes’.

Case Study

Janine Johnson Essex, Iowa, USA

I am from Essex, Iowa, USA and we had the pleasure of meeting Robin and installing 3 pieces in our park last year. This weekend we have a community celebration with many activities in the park. I wanted to share with you that I sat for more than 2 hours in the park today and watched people of ALL ages approach and play the instruments. It was so heart warming to watch this and it reinforced the importance of musical instruments to provide a balance of play options in community areas. I have seen this happen on a regular basis but not when so many other activities were being offered at the same time. The small set of musical offerings have been an asset to our project. Thank you for creating such an important product to share the joy of music in community spaces. Janine Johnson Essex, Iowa.

Case Study